Vehicle Routing Problem (CVRPTW) [2018]

My Master thesis (MSci) at the University of Glasgow was about investigating the possibilities of using Constraint Programming to solve the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows. The thesis was submitted in 2018. My work was supervised by Patrick Prosser. Please find below the final thesis as well as the presentation which was given to the Formal Analysis, Theory and Algorithms (FATA) section of the School of Computing Science department.

PDF file icon Using Constraint Programming to solve the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows

PDF file icon Presentation

CERN - Summer Student [2017]

In 2017 I was offered a position in CERN's Summer Student Programme. During the summer I was enjoying lectures in CERN and was working on their network in Geneva for 12 weeks. My project was about continous integration of a network device configuration tool, developed by CERN, using black-box testing techniques. I was supervised by Dr. Stefan Stancu and Adam Krajewski.

PDF file icon Final Report

Inheritance Locks [2017]

I worked on the topic of deadlocks, starvation and locking protcols. In particular, my fourth year project (the equivalence to the Bachelor dissertation) at the University of Glasgow was about the introduction and exploration of a novel locking protocol, Inheritance Locks, which completely prevents deadlocks and starvation. I was supervised by Dr Jeremy Singer and co-supervised by Anna Lito Michala.
Please find below the dissertation paper and a reduced version of the project repository.

PDF file icon Inheritance Locks

Archive file icon Download - Reduced Repository (ZIP-Archive)

Relative Pushouts in Place Graphs of Epimorphic Bigraphs with Sharing [2016]

I worked on this topic during a ten week summer internship, funded by the EPSRC, at the University of Glasgow in 2016.
In particular, I was supervised by Dr Michele Sevegnani who is a pioneer and expert in the topic of Bigraphs with Sharing. I worked on a corner case of relative pushouts, a topic shown to be very useful by the inventor of the Bigraph model Robin Milner (receiver of the Turing Award 1991). Besides the abstract theoretical work, which can be found in the report paper below, I also implemented the according algorithm for the Bigrapher-Tool which has been written and maintained by Dr Michele Sevegnani.

PDF file icon Report Paper