This is a selection of bigger software projects I have written. Please make your selection to the left.

Crack the 10K is a simple, yet clever, little game for Java and Android. It can be designated as an Arcade Video Game.

KSP Parachute Calculator is a a simple calculator tool for the game Kerbal Space Program. It estimates the touchdown speed of a vessel on a body with atmosphere when parachutes are used.

VocabPusher is a vocabulary trainer program which has been specifically designed to support differnt scipts, writing directions and keyboard layouts. It is currently in the alpha stage.

Closely related to VocabPusher is JacQL which has been developed for VocabPusher. It is a C++ library for a simple ad hoc internal database, therefore not requiring a server-client design. All standard operations can be performed in linear or logarithmic time (for index operations).