What is it?

Screenshot of VocabPusherVocabPusher is a program that supports you in learning foreign languages and improve your Vocabulary. There are plenty of these kind of programs out there, however VocabPusher sticks out of the crowd for a number of reasons. First of all it supports ANY script; weather it is latin, cyrillic, chinesse or arabic, VocabPusher will handle it as well as it handles script directions (left-to-right or right-to-left). Moreover, VocabPusher is the ideal partner to practice your ability with a foreign keyboard layout by switching automatically between layouts and showing you the current layout on screen. The program is also ideal for learning a third, fourth or fifth foreign language with its smart feed feature which uses existing languages in the database to help you getting started. Further features involve: Learning with mnemonics and pronunciations, regular and irregular verbs, noun genders and a customisable/timed practice which allows you to to focus your time on urgent vocabulary if needed.

How to install it?

VocabPusher is written in C++ and is currently only supported on Windows. It has been tested with Windows 7 and Windows 10 (32-Bit and 64-Bit), but other versions should equally be compatible. It has not been tested with Wine on Linux or similar and compatibility issues are likely. Please make your own arrangements and use the source code if you would like to install the program on a different OS.

Archive file icon Download - VocabPusher (ZIP-Archive)

Extract the archive at any place of your convenience. The first time you start VocabPusher, you will receive an error message informing you about an issue with the database. This simply means that the database has been reset for you to allow you a clean start with VocabPusher. Do not modify the VocabPusher folder unless you know what you are doing!

Known Issues

Screenshot of VocabPusherVocabPusher is currently in the alpha phase which means it has not been thoroughly tested for bugs. Moreover the smart feed and the timed practice feature has not been entirely implemented yet. You will also notice that the program looks in some parts still quite bare. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Source Code

The full workspace including the VocabPusher source code can be downloaded below. Please note that not all files in the archive are relavent for the project. I use Code::Blocks to work on this project.

Archive file icon Source Code - VocabPusher (ZIP-Archive)


If you would like to reset your database, please detele all files other than folders in the VocabPusher\Data folder and subfolders.
To completely uninstall VocabPusher simply delete the folder with the program. The program does not modify any other location on your computer.