Crack The 10K

What is it?

Crack The 10K Icon Crack The 10K is a little fun game in which you are required to steer a bouncy ball through an obstacle course without getting stuck. On the way through the course you collect coins which help you to achieve the ultimate goal of Cracking the 10K. There are also gadgets waiting for you hidden inside the wooden boxes which will change the physics and/or the behaviour of the game. As time rolls by and you collect more and more coins, the speed and difficulty automatically adjusts, there are no levels in Crack The 10K!

How to install it?

If you would like to play Crack The 10K on Android please download and install it from Google Play.

Crack The 10K is written in Java which means it can be played on all Operating Systems which are supported by Java.

  • To play Crack The 10K you will need the latest version of Java. Java is available for free and supports most operating systems. Please click here for the download.
Archive file icon Download - Crack The 10K (ZIP-Archive)

Extract the archive at any place of your convenience. You can start the game simply by double clicking on "win_{language}.bat" of your favourite language on a Microsoft Windows PC or on "unix_{language}.sh" on Mac or Linux machine (it will take a few seconds to start up). crack_screenshot.jpg

Known Issues

All sound has been a constant source of frustration. The background music requires the Java Media Framework which is included in the jar-file but can also be downloaded from here. Also, the MP3 support in Java is very poor.
It seems like Oracle has stopped supporting the MP3 encoding plugin, it is therefore directly included in the zip-archive and you can also download the corresponding JAR file directly from this website by clicking on the link below.

JAVA file icon mp3plugin.jar

Source Code

The source code for the Android version is not publicly available, sorry.

The full latest source code of the Java Version can be downloaded below. Please note that the Java version has been developed as a prototype for the Android version. This can still be seen in the project name.

Archive file icon Source Code - Crack The 10K (ZIP-Archive)


To uninstall Crack The 10K simply delete the folder with the game. You will also need to manually delete the registry entry folder (on Windows machines; similar on other OS) which can be found under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Prefs\ More information on how to change the registry can be found here